Sunday, June 27, 2010

Competition, whether in sport or in life, we all compete.

I’m competing right now I write this article about competing in order for me to be noticed. Competition is good for us without it we would not evolve we could not better ourselves, sporting records could not be broken and products would not be enhanced. Competition makes life better, surely it must do it is our human nature to complete.
In work if we want to get on we need to compete, put our selves forward get promotion and move up the ladder for some it does not matter who we tread on, dog eats dog and that is the way of the world, right? In business small companies compete jockeying for position trying to get ourselves noticed, undercutting where possible to give the best price for that new conservatory or landscaping job. Big companies compete as well, they keep a check on their competitor; discuss strategies to win contracts, always trying to go that extra mile and yes, undercutting their prices to win. That is healthy competition, which is what we want as the consumer giving us our value for our money or is it?
Like many people I have witnessed natural disaster, I have donated to the appeal funds, fortunately I have never been caught in an typhoon or earthquake, I’ve never had to experience famine or disease first hand, but id o take my hat off to the aid agencies that selflessly strive in disaster zones to feed and car for all humanity in some areas it becomes so difficult that survivors compete with each other for the bare essentials to live, we find that competition disturbing to watch so perhaps we should act quicker and plan more for the future.
So how competitive will you be today; will it be a fair price? Will you be helping the poor? Will you be planning for the future? Most of us like to think our competition is harmless and most of the time it is, but let us not across that line, let us think before we get too competitive.

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