Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is about being all that you are

When the bird build a nest they create a foundation with a small branches and rough twigs, then a parents feather the nest with a softer leaves that make a bed comfortable for their chicks. When the chick grow they thrash the nest and gradually displace the softer bedding, the softer material is scattered away, and the thorny foundation remains making it quite uncomfortable for the chicks to stay the nest, thus they motivate to spread their wings and take independent flight as they are meant to do.
Sometimes, you are facing an uncomfortable situation you may complain and resist it, like the young birds being pushed out the nest your situation my be prompting you to exercise your wings that allow you to soar in a ways that you never would have enjoyed if you stayed on your familiar haven. Life about growth, expansion, movement and actualizing potential, if you stay in a relationship, home or job beyond the time its healthy for you the universe will prod you with thorns as if to say, its time to move a boarder domain.
Most important is not to run away from the situation if there’s still meaning and values in your presence there. Ask for a signs and direction and you will receive them. Life is all about being you are and can be. Remember this, when that time comes, the thorns can help.

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