Monday, August 16, 2010

i am blessed

there were times i get tired of fighting and start questioning and complaining...
there were times that what i have is not enough
and i keep on asking for more.

there were times that i wish i were somebody else,
an actress, a politician, doctor, or a even a princess
i was never contented, i was never thankful...

but when i looked to those who had been confined to their wheelchairs for such a long time...
to those who need a machine to breathe for them.
to those who even can't spell their names or even count from one to ten
to those who don't have a house they can call their own home.
to those who had never even touched a cellphone.
to those who can't hear the tweet of the birds or can't see the colors of the rainbow

those were the times that i began to look above
and be thankful to the Him who had loved me so much.
For no matter how big my problem is, no matter how cruel the world to me
still, i am one million times more blessed with more than one billion people in this world...

and suddenly, all the pain, all the sufferings, all the sacrifices, all the complaints, all the grudges, all the envy, suddenly, it all vanish and in the bottom of my heart i find peace for i believe and i know that

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